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Mid-career and building your pension wealth?  Here’s how to get the most out of it

By mid-career, many people have started pensions, some with different company schemes. Others may be only considering taking out a pension and looking at how to take the first step. Regardless of the scenario that applies to you, now is the ideal time to take stock and think about your retirement goals.

This year, it’s been impossible to ignore the markets. The last eight months have had their fair share of drama. There have been bank failures and price falls – but also asset price recoveries in some sectors, an improving inflation trend, and continued economic resilience in most of the developed world.

This session looks at how you should invest your pension in 2023 and beyond. Which regions of the world are hot, and which are best avoided? Should you reallocate in or out of equities?  What’s the outlook for commodities and bonds?

Whether it’s market ups and downs, new investment opportunities or new attitudes to existing investments, having a grip on how your pension is invested can make a big difference to your future.