Starting a pension


Employee value proposition


Keeping your pension on track


Approaching retirement


Pensions professionals


Starting a pension


Employee value proposition


Keeping your pension on track


Approaching retirement


Pensions professionals


Pensions Awareness Week 2022

The #PAW roadshow is back! Join us 19-23 Sep 2022.

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starting a pension

get my pension on track

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At Pensions Awareness Week, we want to raise awareness about retirement planning and to help you take charge of and invest in your long-term savings.

Pensions Awareness Week is an initiative to raise awareness in Ireland about retirement planning, and help people take charge of their long-term savings.

Held annually in September, our roadshow has grown over the last four years. We’ve travelled around Ireland, run seminars and 1-2-1 sessions, spoken up in the media and curated content, to help you learn about pensions and fuel your savings journey.

Whether you’re starting a pension, on the journey, or approaching retirement, PAW is here to help. What’s more, if you’re responsible for pensions in your organisation, or work in the pensions industry, there’s an event that’s been designed with you in mind.

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PAW22 Roadmap

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PAW 2022: 19-23 SEP








Session 1

Starting a Pension

19 Sep – Monday:
Starts 13:00 
  • How much should you pay in?
  • Where should you invest it?
  • What’s the first step?

30 mins

Not started a pension? Here’s how and why

Every pension journey has a beginning and deciding to start a pension plan is one of the smartest moves you can make. The good news is that it’s never too late to get on board, start your journey and take charge of your situation, regardless of where you’re at.

This session will give you all the info you need. We’ll chat about how pensions work, the different types of pensions, how much you need to retire comfortably, when you should start saving, and how to get started.

Session 2

SME masterclass

20 Sep – Tuesday:
Starts 9:00 
  • How can your business develop a compelling wellness, employee experience, reward and retirement benefits offering?

4 hours

Building the Employee Value Proposition: A Masterclass for SMEs

What does a good SME employee value proposition look like in 2022?

This event will set out a vision and practical steps for an SME EVP in 2022.

Using insights from research, recruitment, real-world, regulators, and benefits advisors, we’ll look at:

– What benefits employees really value;

– Wellness in the workplace;

– Benefits planning for senior managers and executives;

– The changing regulatory environment for SME pensions.

Session 3

Keeping Your Pension On Track

21 Sep – Wednesday:
Starts 13:00 

  • Investing your pension: an investment professional’s view
  • Dealing with market volatility

1 hour

Mid-career and building your pension wealth?  Here’s how to get the most out of it

This year, it’s been impossible to ignore the markets. Driven by inflation, interest rates, supply-chain shortages and war, there have been significant declines in most markets – followed by a partial recovery in the summer.

This session looks at how you should invest your pension in 2022 and beyond. Which regions of the world are hot, and which are best avoided? Should you reallocate in or out of equities?  What’s the outlook for commodities and bonds?  

Whether it’s market ups and downs, new investment opportunities or new attitudes to existing investments, having a grip on how your pension is invested can make a big difference to your future.

Session 4

Approaching Retirement

22 Sep – Thursday:
Starts 9:30 

  • Investment planning
  • Your post-retirement ‘career’

1.5 hours

The C-suite guide to retirement

Your destination is in sight. And while there are still a few stops to go it’s important to get your head around that final destination (and beyond!). You’ve worked hard for many years so it’s important that your pension is sufficient to suit the lifestyle you want and deserve in retirement. A little planning while on the road is worth the effort before you reach your destination.

This session designed exclusively for executives approaching retirement aims to make your transition from work to retirement smooth and enjoyable by carefully considering the relevant issues.

Session 5

What do people want from their pensions advisor?

23 Sep – Friday:
Starts 13:00 

  • Market research findings
  • Reflections on PAW22
  • Ways to develop your pensions business

1 hour

Event for pensions professionals

This event is aimed at the financial broker and pensions advisor community in association with LIA.

We’ll present the findings of market research into pensions in Ireland conducted as part of PAW22, reflect on the discussions during the week itself, and look at the changing professional landscape for pension advisors in Ireland over the short and medium term.

So, what is

a pension?

So, what is a pension?

Simply put, a pension is a savings fund with your name on it. Your pension is the savings fund used to pay for your retirement. Ideally, you shouldn’t access your fund until at least the age of 60.

Your money is invested on your behalf by a pension provider. Typically, a pension provider will invest your pension into company shares, bonds and property through an investment fund. Our goal is to help you generate long-term growth.

Want to learn more? Watch the Moneycube and interview for more info on what you need to know about pensions.

At PAW, we want to empower people and companies in Ireland to take charge of their pensions.

The PAW Virtual roadshow is driven by a passionate team of pros in the finance, pension and retirement industries.

We’re on a mission to spread awareness about pensions. We believe that everyone needs to take charge of their financial future.

Brought to you by a host pension providers, regulators, professional institutes and pension advisors, together we’re here help you get to grips with your pension journey.

The PAW team!

The PAW team!

The vision of the PAW team is to empower people and companies in Ireland to take charge of their pensions.

The PAW Virtual roadshow is brought to you by a team of individuals who are pro’s in the financial, pension and retirement industries.

They are on mission to spread awareness about pensions, because everyone needs to take charge of their financial future.

PAW22 is backed up a host of businesses, it is a Moneycube initiative who are experts in the pensions industry.

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