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Company Pensions for SME’s

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What does a good SME company pension look like in 2023?

Getting your pension offering right for management and staff can make a real difference,

Running a small or medium-sized business, or forming a new business in Ireland, means wearing a lot of hats.

The focus needs to be on business growth, product development, and smooth operations. When it comes to HR, keeping it simple and delivering benefits your team actually values is critical.

At the same time, a strong pension and benefits offering is a great way to recruit, reward and retain staff. Pensions can also enable owner-managers to extract value in a highly efficient manner. And if you set up your pension offering right, the administrative burden on the business can be minimized.

Happily, it has never been easier for SMEs and new businesses to put a compelling workplace benefits plan in place, whether you are starting from scratch, or want to improve on your existing offering. The purpose this session is to explain how.