PAW21 Roadmap

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21 SEP – Tuesday: Pension Awareness Week Day 2

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10:00 – Hot topic (30 min)

Your pension and the climate

What can pension savers do to incorporate sustainability and climate concerns into their pension? Join this discussion with Jerry Moriarty, chairperson of Sustainable and Responsible Investment Forum Ireland, to find out more.

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Investing your pension ethically
Wed 15:30

Industry-specific Masterclasses
13:00 each day

11:30 – Need to know (20min)

Approaching retirement 10 years out – top things to consider

The decisions you take about your pension in the decade before you retire are critical to your wealth in retirement. We’ll help you identify actions you can take now for a comfortable retirement.

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Approaching retirement 5 years out – top things to consider
Thurs 16:30

Approaching retirement 1 year out – top things to consider
Fri 14:30

13:00 – Masterclass (60 min)

Early years/ Later years – A masterclass on personal finance for professionals in the Early Years sector

Ireland’s Early Years sector is finally getting recognition for the crucial role it plays supporting families and businesses alike.  But Early Years entrepreneurs and professionals need to secure their own financial position, as well as helping others.  The sector is labour intensive, highly regulated, and margins can be thin – so getting pensions right for staff, and extracting wealth as an owner is critical.  If you operate in the Early Years sector, this Masterclass shows you how.

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Starting a pension
Mon 10:00

14:30 – Need to know (20 min)

Claiming tax relief on a personal pension – Session unavailable for new bookings

If you’re paying into a personal pension each month, you’ll need to let Revenue know so that they can adjust your tax credits. This short session will help you make sure you’re saving all the tax you can.

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Claiming tax relief on a lump sum pension contribution
Thurs 14:30

15:30 – Hot topic (30 min)

How to consolidate your pensions

Most of us now change jobs many times in our careers. As you progress, it’s essential to keep track of old pensions. This discussion shows you how to combine your pensions, improving results, reducing costs, and simplifying your financial life.

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Investing your pension ethically
Wed 15:30

16:30 – Need to know (30 min)

Auto enrolment, PEPPs and regulatory change – what does it mean for me and my business?

Auto-enrolment – where an employee worker will be automatically enrolled in a pension scheme when starting a job, is in the pipeline for Ireland for 2022. Next year will also see the introduction of Pan-European Personal Pensions. Tontine Trust intends to provide them. What do these regulatory changes mean for staff and how should employers plan for it?

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Wellness technology
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