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23 SEP – Thursday: Pension Awareness Week Day 4

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10:00 – Hot topic (30 min)

Wellness technology

Wellness technology is changing corporate approaches to wellbeing. This session looks at how new platforms can enhance staff wellbeing, and increase engagement with pensions and benefits, for on-site and remote-working teams.

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Industry-specific Masterclasses
13:00 each day

11:30 – Need to know (20min)

Changing jobs or leaving service – Defined Contribution schemes

When you change job, your pension options change too. If you’re leaving a job with a defined contribution pension, you have several options. How should you decide what to do with your old pension?

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Changing jobs or leaving service – Defined Benefits schemes
Fri 16:30

13:00 – Masterclass (60 min)

Programming your future – pension considerations in tech and rapid growth businesses

Tech and rapid-growth businesses have some unique pensions and benefits challenges. Young and mobile workforces have different demands and expectations. And there may be competing demands for short-term benefits like RSUs and bonuses, making engagement difficult. If you have responsibility for pensions and people in a fast-growth business in Ireland, this Masterclass is for you.

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Wellness technology
Thurs 10:00

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14:30 – Need to know (20 min)

Claiming tax relief on a lump sum pension contribution – Session unavailable for new bookings

Many of us top our pensions with lump sums or AVCs (additional voluntary contributions). This short session will help you make sure you’re saving all the tax you can on lump sum pension contributions.

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Claiming tax relief on a personal pension
Tues 14:30

Claiming tax relief on a PRSA
Wed 14:30

15:30 – Hot topic (30 min)

Redundancy and your pension

The last 18 months have seen huge change in the employment market, and many of us have changed jobs.  This discussion looks at how redundancy affects your pension and tax situation.

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What happens my pension when I go on maternity leave?
Mon 16:30

16:30 – Need to know (20 min)

It takes two – how matched contributions work

Many employers will match the contribution you make to your pension. This short session explains why this is such a valuable feature, and how it can benefit you.

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Starting a pension
Mon 10:00

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