Retirement Planning Session

Coaching Session with Brian Mooney

28 Sep – Thursday: Starts 14:00 (2pm)

Rediscovering yourself in your Second Life

As human beings we are creatures of habit as anyone who attempts to fulfil a new year’s resolution can attest to. So, no matter what age you are when you walk away from the job which has filled that work slot during your adult life you are likely to experience a sense of loss or dislocation.

Work for most people involves far more than the actual role they perform in their professional life. For many of us it gives us our sense of self, our identity in a profound way, as well as providing us with the means to live our life in the way we want to. Work can also be central to our social lives, where we meet with many of our closest friends daily. It may be the place where we feel most fulfilled, enhancing our sense of self-esteem and personal empowerment.

How then should we prepare for the transition to our second life? Brian Mooney will chat through how we navigate the next steps. With the right planning, a little imagination, and a degree of bravery, rediscovering yourself in your Second Life can be very rewarding.

Coupled with this we will give you access to the resources that provide the tips and tools that you can use to help you plan for a fulfilling and financially sound retirement.

Retirement Planning Session
Key Speakers

Ryan Tubridy, PAW Host

Ryan Tubridy is a broadcaster and best-selling author from Dublin. His stellar broadcasting career includes fourteen years at the helm of the iconic ‘The Late Late Show’, where he has interviewed guests such as U2, Saoirse Ronan, Michael Bublé and Sinead O’Connor on the world’s longest running chat show, and helped raise more than €17,000,000 for charity. His successful radio career has spanned more than 20 years to date, where each morning listeners tuned into the eponymous ‘Ryan Tubridy Show’. His first book ‘JFK in Ireland’ was a number one bestseller selling more than 100,000 copies. It is a profile of U.S. President John F. Kennedy's 1963 visit to Ireland. In his second book, ‘The Irish Are Coming’, he examines the relationship between Britain and Ireland – two countries separated by a small stretch of water but for so long divided politically, socially, culturally and emotionally. Ryan's third book was his first children's book called ‘Patrick and the President’, a captivating read which tells the story through the eyes of a young boy, of John F. Kennedy's return to his ancestral home in 1963. Most recently he wrote a festive book for children called ‘The First Christmas Jumper (and the sheep who changed everything)’.

Retirement Planning Session

Retirement Planning Session: Rediscovering yourself in your Second Life

Brian Mooney, Standard Life

Irish Times educational columnist Brian Mooney works with pensions and investment company Standard Life in his role as End of Career Guidance Counsellor. One of Ireland’s most prominent guidance counsellors and a regular media commentator, Brian himself retired in 2019 after 43 years in south Dublin secondary school Oatlands College. A former president of the Institute of Guidance Counsellors, Brian helps guide those approaching retirement towards a fulfilling and rewarding second life by helping them think about the skills and sense of purpose they can carry with them and further develop in retirement.

Retirement Planning Session

Retirement Planning Session: Rediscovering yourself in your Second Life


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