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24 SEP – Friday: Pension Awareness Week Day 5

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10:00 – Hot topic (30 min)

What risk category am I, and why?

In finance, risk and reward are closely linked. All choices involve some uncertainty, but how much risk should you take with your pension? Join this session to find out what’s right for you.

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Industry-specific Masterclasses
13:00 each day

11:30 – Need to know (20 min)

What’s a Pension Adjustment Order and how does it work?

Divorce and separation can have a major impact on your finances, including your pension. This discussion will explain how Pension Adjustment Orders work, and how they affect your pension.

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How to consolidate your pensions
Tues 15:30

13:00 – Masterclass (60 min)

Project Pension – maximising wealth for people working in professional services.

If you work in professional services you’re used to setting high standards, managing for results, and being bang up-to-date with industry changes. But can you say the same about your pension? There is money to be won and lost by taking a professional approach to your pension. This Masterclass is dedicated to helping people in professional services apply the standards of excellence and rigour to their financial lives that they are used to delivering professionally.

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How to combine your pensions
Tues 15:30

14:30 – Need to know (20 min)

Approaching retirement 1 year out – top things to consider

If you’re 12 months from retirement, a little planning and research now will help you avoid making important long-term decisions in a rush.  Join this discussion to understand the questions you should be considering.

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Investing your ARF
Wed 10:00

Approaching retirement 5 years out – top things to consider
Thurs 14:30

15:30 – Hot topic (30 min)

Everything you need to know about topping up pensions for public servants

Public servants have some unique pension considerations.  This discussion looks at how you can top up your pension using Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVCs), and how these affect your wider pension pot, especially at retirement time.

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Claiming tax relief on a lump sum pension contribution
Thurs 14:30

16:30 – Need to know (20 min)

Changing jobs or leaving service – Defined Benefits schemes

When you change job, your pension options change too. If you’re leaving a job with a defined benefit pension, extra care is called for. How should you decide what to do with your old pension?

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Changing jobs or leaving service – Defined Contribution schemes
Thurs 11:30